QME Electronic Engineering

We specialize in Electronic Control Software Design  for  Automotive Embedded Control Systems and Industrial Automation with Data Acquisition Systems. 

We take care of the complete Development cycle from Idea to End Product with Full Documentation as required by the by the customer.  

QME Electronic Engineering has a long history of working and developing Embedded Controllers and firmware for various customers in the Automotive Industry and Industrial Automation.

Out Team has been working in Sports Prototype Racing developing and testing various Control and Controller Algorithms. They also worked and are working on various High Voltage Electrical Vehicle Systems (HEV) including various Range Extender Topologies/Systems (REX). We have introduced new algorithms for Electrically Driven Turbocharger Systems.

We have 10 years’ experience in Power Sport Vehicles and Utility designs we deigned various Embedded Controllers for these Power Sports and Off Road vehicles

We also have the know how to do the Automation and HIL test and development systems for these Embedded Controllers and Algorithms.

Our Engineering Managers has 35 years’ experience in Automotive and Electrical Engineering


Tri-Cycle/Controller Design
Low Voltage Electrical Vehicle /Design of Embedded Controllers
Porsche 911 / Engine Controller design and Software
Porsche 962 Engine and Turbo Control Software


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