Optional Expansion Units

Whilst not always necessary unless additional capability for your system is required, our range of add-on expansion modules bring advanced wired and wireless communications technology to CAN based MIAC systems. What’s more, users can use the Flowcode design environment takes care of low level CAN bus communications allowing seamless expansion for most modern communication protocols at a chip and system level.

This module allows users to interface with MIAC technology to conventional TTL level systems, and also includes other expansion features. The unit includes a number of I/O lines including PWM outputs , 12 bit ADC inputs, several TTL level serial buses and 2 x 10 bit DAC outputs. The unit also interfaces for two extrenal lab sensors and a real time clock.

This module allows users to interface with MIAC technology to TTL level systems. The unit includes a number of I/O including PWM outputs for motor control. 12 bit ADC inputs for precision analogue work, 2 x PWM outputs for interfacing to other systems at the chip level.

This module includes interfaces for RS485 communications and TCP/IP communications.
Connection to RS485 is via screw terminals. TCP/IP connection is available
on a standard CAT5 socket. The module is fitted with a CAN bus interface and also allows
access to several 5V microcontroller I/O lines.


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