QME Electronic Engineering Services

QME Electronic Engineering Services 

Graphical Programming and General Design

QME Electronic Engineering provide the full range of Engineering Services in Embedded Hardware design and Software/ Firmware development. We use the most modern technological methods/ tools and equipment.

You the customer give us your project idea -requirement and we take the following step to realize your

 idea/project requirement, we compile a project requirement document that outlines and specify all requirements of the project and product.

We design your product in CAD (Proteus CAD Tool) with the Software/Firmware, which allows us and our customer to virtually test the Designed Hardware and Software in Simulation based on the internal Analog 3F5 SPICE simulator of Proteus and Proteus internal Mixed Mode Simulator allow us to link the Firmware to the Analog Circuitry of the design up to the bit level in the associated Microcontroller system The design is visualized in a 3D representation of the designed product.

The virtual design and simulation allows us and the customer to determine and validate  the design before any Proto typing hardware is needed which results in a reduction of cost -time and time to market as errors are tracked and located early in the design process.

Schematic Capture
Firmware Code Simulation
Virtual Test Instruments
PCB Capture

Design Output and Standards

We generate all the nesessary production files from the virtual design and we build a first Prototype which then gets tested and the functionality varified against the Simulation Data. The functionality tests are based on a HIL system with Equipment such as National Instrumenst PXI systems which runs the Models of your intended system on the PXI system and varify the Hwardware and Software response

All the Testing and varification methods and Results are documented and supplied as part of the Project Documentation to the Customer with a Bill of Materials and Product production cost

PCB Capture
Industry Standart output video


QME has a fully equiped Laboratory for the creation and Testing of the Designed Product /,Project hardware associated with a Software Deparment

Software engineering services

QME offers a Sofware Service (creating) Software for your Embedded Controller Harware

- C Programming Language for Microcontrollers

- Flowcode grafical Programming for Microcontrollers and Raspberry PI3 and PI3+

- labVIEW Graphical Programming  for Graphical User interfaces that Communicates with your Hardware ,Data Logging Systems or Automation Projects

LabVIEW Code
LabVIEW Front Panel

Service & Supply

Qme offer a profesional Engineering Consluting Service on all the above Engineering Topics hardware and Software. 

Qme  Specialize in the Automotive Industry Embeded design,Measurement and Automation Projects , HIL services and  Consulting.We work global with Customers in Europa and Amerika's 

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